We all love using websites that look great, but when the appearance makes it harder to use, something is wrong. I believe that form should follow function when creating a pleasant, useable and relaxed experience for your users. That doesn't mean designing ugly websites. It means designing experiences that put the user first, and work to guide them to your end goal.

Happy to get my hands dirty with HTML, CSS, Design, and Responsive websites, I'm here to make sure your users enjoy their stay.

Why not take a look at my previous work? I've worked with some brilliant people.

Like what you see? Want to work together? Let me know. My contact form makes it really easy, and it's only a few scrolls away.

Recent Work

A preview of the iamVibes website

iamVibes Clothing

Starting with their initial BigCartel website, I've been involved with all 4 iterations of the iamVibes site. We change the site with the seasons, updating with each Summer and Winter range.

Tom came to me with initial ideas on the look of the site, and I mocked up designs. We worked from there, and ultimately I created a custom HTML and CSS BigCartel store.

The store is now based on Shopify, with the current site being coded by myself.

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A preview of Joseph Alexander's website

Joseph Alexander Music

Joseph loved the work I did on the iamVibes site, and asked his friend Tom how to get in touch with me. He was looking for a newer, up-to-date design for his site.

I took Joseph's self-made site back to basics, and asked what he wanted at the core. For him, social and accessibility were the answers. I put twitter front and center, and made sure that everything was easy to find and get to.

Mockups were made in Photoshop, before starting with the CSS and HTML. Wufoo and SoundCloud round off the technologies used, for the contact form and music widget respectively.

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A preview of my other work

Bits on the side

The best way to learn is to do. That's why I'm constantly working on personal projects, bringing my ideas to life.

These projects aren't always as polished as my client work, but they allow me to deliver an ever-improving service.

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